Exning Parish Council


Exning is the most westerly village in Suffolk, England.
Exning is located just off the A14 trunk road, roughly 12 miles (19 km) east of Cambridge, and 10 miles (15 km) south-east of Ely. The nearest large town is Newmarket which is approximately 3 miles away (5 km). Newmarket is the home of horse racing and is famous for, at one stage in its history, being home to Charles II and Nell Gwyne.


Exning was thought to be a strategic part of Boudica's realm of the Iceni tribe around 60AD. Princess Etheldreda, daughter of King Anna, a prominent member of the ruling family of the Kingdom of East Anglia, was born here in 630AD. Also we are in the Doomsday Book. There is some great information on Exning and its history in this document from Suffolk Heritage. Also there is the Exning Pyx which is in the British Museum.

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Some modern photographs around Exning village.

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