Simon Cole - Medium

Cllr Simon Cole
95 Burwell Road,
Suffolk, CB8 7DU
0797 4443762
2013   District Councillor for Exning
2013   Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny
2013   Development Control (Planning)
2015   Forest Heath Local Planning Working Group
2013   Performance Audit and Scrutiny
2017   Future Governance Steering Group
2017   Licencing
2017   Standards
2013   Full Council
2017   Constitution Reform
2015   Exning Parish Council
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[Note these are the views and thoughts of Cllr Cole and in no way reflect the views or opinions of the Parish Council. Cllr Cole belongs to the District Council which is a political council and as such is entitled to his own point of view. While we publish this in the interests of free speech, fair opinion on topics of the day and in the public interest, we however take no responsibility for his comments. Exning Parish Council]